We don’t take into account videos posted in the last 7 days. The franchise I was at did have at least 4 former car salespeople each acting as a salesperson/education counselor/education coach. They get one week of training at the corporate office and then are ready with the sales pitch.

OTA has its roots in the largest trading floor in the Western US, founded in 1997. From a single location in Irvine, CA, Online Trading Academy has expanded to more than 48 worldwide campuses, and over 450,000 people have experienced OTA’s education. Online Trading Academy is the leader in financial education, offering courses for individual investors who want to learn strategies to better manage risk, increase knowledge and build confidence.

The Online Trading Academy has been around for quite some time now. They seem to have played an essential role in promoting financial education through forex, stocks, and options trading. You see, after receiving a formal complaint regarding false marketing on its get-rich-quick investment strategy, the FTC reviewed and formally sued the company last February. Anyone who paid money thinking they would make a fortune without effort deserves exactly what they got.


As it currently stands, the fraudulent company is essentially on life support and making a last-ditch, “bet the company” legal strategy to fight the Federal Trade Commission in Federal Court. On February 12, 2020, the FTC filed a massive 8000+ page lawsuit alleging that the Online Trading Academy ripped off thousands of consumers for a total of $370 million dollars, since at least 2014. We can help you design a program that works for you. Sign up for our free introductory trading class and speak with an enrollment specialist today. Affiliate marketing is and forever will be my number one pick, so there’s nothing wrong I can say about it.

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About this time, he met a person named Sam Seiden. And so, they devised a scheme where the victim was offered the opportunity to finance their “day trading education” at 18% interest, which must be paid back over the following 6-months. The office was made to appear as a “prop trading” office where professional traders were supposedly executing trades and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. From what I have said earlier, this is the highlight of the lesson since traders should become more accountable for their decisions once they are inside the market. But before I get too excited about that, let me first introduce what the company is all about. In a nutshell, the Online Trading Academy is an educational platform specializing in lessons related to investing and trading.

Let me ask you a few questions about your potential case. But I have been bombarded by plaintiffs attornies looking for me to connect them with potential victims. There are several class actions currently snaking their way through various Federal courts.

Also, I want you to look at the bright side…most of the Online Trading Academy consumers lost not only the tuition costs, but also massive investment losses. The educational costs were trivial in comparison to what consumers lost in the scam. The FTC is sending checks totaling more roinvesting review than $5.4 million to 31,144 people who purchased an investment training scheme offered by Online Trading Academy and its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eyal Shachar. According to court records, the Federal Trade Commission individually analyzed 4,799 trading accounts.

Trading is a Skill to be Mastered

Having served more than 85,000 students, we’ve seen traders and investors use our products for many different reasons and goals. We invite you to join us for an upcoming intro class. Our experienced instructors and staff are here to help you build skills and confidence as you progress in your financial education. As an Online Trading Academy student, you’ll become part of a community of traders and investors committed to excellence. I spoke with a guy who worked at OTA and who is a successful trader himself and according to him, OTA pays their salespeople and instructors pretty good salaries in order to present well to prospective purchasers. He told me also that Sam Seiden was audited and it was shown that he isn’t profitable.

If you are new to it you really need to stick with it before you commit money to trading. Couple of years back went in chicago west suburb one of their offices for an appointment. In addition to that, I spoke with a lady who was interested in learning to trade and she told me that she’d looked into OTA. According to her, they were charging somewhere between $25-30k.

Online Trading Academy – Specialized Asset Classes

Join us for a four day intensive training session with Oscar Carboni in Las Vegas and return home with the ability to create your own OMNI trading plans. The Chandler Airport Office Building will be one https://currency-trading.org/ quarter mile down the road on the right. 1750 is the western most building in the complex. Our offices are the second door on the right after entering the main lobby from the south parking lot area.

Of course, being an affiliate also has its downfalls, but it’s only a tiny piece of the puzzle. What is your opinion, would be wise to invest with them? I honestly think that affiliate marketing might just be a better alternative after all. Let’s just make one thing clear before wrapping up this Online Trading Academy review – everyone wants to be a trader before they understand what it really takes to be one. If that’s something you’re comfortable with, then sure, be my guest.

Additionally, the Online Trading Academy proudly claims that their trading education follows a 360-degree approach, meaning that the educational environment will be immersive. Power Trading Radioin 2010, considered the world’s first radio show for traders. His experiences fueled his desire to help other people by devoting time to developing a business centered around people, culture, and wealth opportunities. In one interview, he even shared how much he understood the feeling of being lost and broke in a country far away from home. He found himself country-hopping until such time he landed in Los Angeles looking for temporary work.

See detailed data on Online Trading Academy audience demographics in the full report. Check the audience location, languages, age and gender, as well as other valuable YouTube statistics. Unlock the full report, and get access to comprehensive data and see a detailed views growth graph. I have worked my butt off to learn this material.

Speaking as a trader myself who has spent thousands of hours in front of the screen, the supply and demand strategy is indeed solid but it’s only one element to trading. I’ve watched much of Sam Seiden’s content on YouTube and I never liked how he made it seem as if supply and demand is all that you need in order to trade successfully. I also didn’t like how he relied heavily on hindsight analysis. Additionally, I would also remind you, that the company founder — Sam Seiden — also had his trading accounts audited. In fact, Sam Seiden has already admitted that the very own school in which he founded “Is a fraudulent business.” Not my words, his words. It is one thing to sell a fraudulent product to faceless people over the internet.

This feature is only accessible to Enterprise plan. Limited access, please update the level of Noxinfluencer membership plan. Analysis completed, the channel doesn’t have promotion data. OTA engaged Dr. Harris to do a comprehensive review of its education in 2019.

It is an entirely different thing when you can isolate the victim in a sales office, staffed with actors portraying themselves as professional day traders. However, what consumers did not realize is that these “professional prop traders” were nothing more than formerly used car salesmen, timeshare salespeople, and generally people of low moral character. For over 25 years, with 25+ locations, OTA has become a global leader in trading education. Our success comes from knowing that trading is a skill and like any skill , studying alone won’t get you to mastery. Skill development is what separates Online Trading Academy from other financial education companies. We teach you in a similar fashion to how the big banks and financial institutions teach traders on their floor.

The Patented Trading Strategy

However, there are also dozens of franchises located throughout the United States and several locations located outside of the United States. It is good to know that the assets of the company founders have been frozen, and are pending the outcome of a trial in Federal Court. All the while, hundreds of consumers have requested that TradingSchools.Org write a review about Online Trading Academy.

But in order to obtain the secret trading strategy, you must pay a fee of $60k. Compared to the paid path, it’s safe to say that the free route is pretty much risk-free since you won’t be required to invest vast sums of money. For instance, if you choose to copy the positions of others in the market, you should be aware of the risks that exist. It’s simply betting on the trader; you will copy.

I don’t know how OTA operates now, but this lady told me that about 2-3 years ago. And a big thanks to our sponsors and advertisers of TradingSchools.Org. Without your generous support, we would not be able to keep the reviews cranking out. The declarations of victims, contained with the complaint of the lawsuit is truly heartbreaking.

These lawsuits include suing and or threatening to sue the very people that they have ripped off. Their legal strategy has been to “spend whatever it takes” to keep the truth from coming out. After the verification, the data of your channel will be updated daily. Learn skills that could help you take a more active and confident role in both. OTA has honed its powerful learning process for building skills which it calls its Compass Program. The work history, together with the BIO of the author, are both pretty impressive.

With this information, the Federal Trade Commission then armed a team of investigators with the needed information to worm themselves into these fraudulent sales presentations. However, nothing could have been further from the truth. Obtaining a patent requires little more than paying a filing fee and submitting the idea to a clerk. The cost to learn these supposed secrets was upwards of $60k per consumer. However, most elderly and financially illiterate are on a fixed income and typically financially desperate. According to the FTC, the company had a special affinity for scamming the elderly and financially illiterate.

Which seems to perfectly match when consumers were required to pay off their $60k debt, at 18% interest. The average account size varied between $5k to $15k. Of all of these accounts, 74.9% of the accounts lost an average of 94%. According to court documents, several former salespeople bravely came forward and provided the exact blueprint of how Online Trading Academy was operating as a sort of “viral franchise scam”. Additionally, they specialized in finding high-pressure salespeople with long histories of selling dubious products and services.

Undoubtedly, what these charlatans and con artists pulled off were criminal in nature. And they should be jailed for the remainder of their lives. What they have committed over the past decade is to simply destroy the lives of thousands of innocent people. One victim, in particular, lost his entire life savings of $1,364,337. They encouraged elderly victims to sell their stock portfolios to pay the fee, encouraged them to take a second mortgage, or borrow from a family friend. They were clever, deceitful, and absolutely horrifying.

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